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Monday 31 March 2003

Misspent Youth

Misspent Youth - When I was 17 / 18 I attended the Sixth Form at my school with the intention of obtaining a couple of A Levels. I choose to do this at school rather than at college because I knew that the regime at college was so relaxed that I was unlikely attend very much.
A couple of months after the first of the two school years started a record shop opened up just down the road. Not a big problem; as a student I didn't hove too much money and there's only so much "window" shopping for records that you can do at a small record shop. Even for a music obsessed geek such as I was.
Unfortunately they installed several arcade machines. My attendance at school dropped like a stone and my A level results suffered drastically.
Of the machines they had 1943 eat up the most of my time and meagre funds.
CottAGE has several online arcade machine emulators, although not as many as it appears they once had. 1943 is one of them and, from what I can tell, the emulation is spot on. It's amazing how much of the game I remember even 14 years further on.
I'm doing my best not to waste too much time on this.

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