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Sunday 30 March 2003

New Project

I've been a touch busy for the last few days. What with Sharon still being ill, looking after the kids and working. But what little free time I do have (between 8pm when the kids are in bed I've managed to grab some dinner and 10pm when I usually flake out) has been taken up trying to sort out my work's website.
I've not done much so far. I've stripped the old website of its previous host and sorted out the new hosting. We've got it running on its proper URL now at www.vatease.co.uk/.
This weekend has been taken up cleaning up the HTML code for the old website and up-loading it to the host. I think it had been generated by a website creation tool and I hate the code that those things generate. So it's taken me quite a while but not produce any visible results.
Whilst I did that, I started to sort out the keywords. Historically we've had very poor results from search engines. Once I've finished cleaning up the code (one page left to do) I'm going to have to start doing things like submit it to DMOZ etc. And once I've done that, we can finally start looking at a design of a new site.

March 30, 2003 12:25 PM | Me

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