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Tuesday 11 March 2003

A heart felt plea for help.

I need to learn about blogging tools, RSS feeds and how to create a headline / first part of a story grabber from a blog page. I have no idea where to start.

I know a little about HTML and even less about CSS. Just enough to cobble together this site (although the coding is extremely ugly in places - check out the nasty way I had to reduce the archives to fit into the side bar). It's 1000% more than anyone at work though. So when it was decided that we need to update, redesign and completely replace the website (the decisions were taken in that order) all eyes turned to me.
I have an idea, a grand plan. I want to base the site around a frequently updated news page. We're a company offering technical advice on Value Added Tax, to a website that frequently updates with tips, news articles and the occasion response to an email problem would give people something to return for and new visitors something to read. I don't however want this to be the front page.
I am terrible at graphic design so I will get someone to design the layout of the front page for me. But on there I would like a title, our logo, the navigation menu and most importantly a self updating grab of the 3 most recent entries posted to the news page.
I know that I can create the news page using one of the many blogging tools. I've never used it but I suspect that Movable Type is probably the easiest simply for seeing what others have done with it. I suspect that I should be able to create an RSS feed from that. I hope that I can then use that RSS feed to put the last 3 entries onto the front page.

Anyone know any different?

March 11, 2003 10:18 PM | Weblogging

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