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Tuesday 4 March 2003


This weblog has changed somewhat since I started it.

At the time of my first post I was facing redundancy, my wife was seriously ill, I had just started a new business and my son was about to be born. I was feeling the strain and starting to feel a little despondent.
This weblog was somewhere for me to share my daily life, or even just somewhere to write it down and externalise it even if no-one read it. It was as much a journal as a "blog".

Recently, it has started to contain less about my daily life and become a collection of links I've harvested. I have stopped to ask myself "Why the sea-change?" but come up with no single answer.

I have a lot less free time at the moment to spend writing this blog. When I started I was in a job I didn't give 2 figs about. I would spend some of my "work" time drafting and making blog entries. They were making me redundant, why should I care about them.

I think the more important change though is that I was a lot more confident about my online anonymity back then. Actually, I was probably just a lot more naive about the possibility of someone linking this weblog to my real-life identity and the damage that could do. I've been awakened to that possibility twice; once when a friend of mine that I hadn't seen for a while emailed me to say "found your site - what's that about?" and, more worryingly, when a national newspaper used some information from one of my business websites as part of a vicious, homophobic attack on a friend and business associate of mine. On neither occasion was I personally harmed. My friend found this site not to his liking and didn't, as far as I'm aware, read much of it. I don't think there is anything in here that would have harmed our friendship much anyway. The newspaper thing, well they weren't after me and I don't think they found this site. But both instances made me stop and think about the information I put up here.

I now have a job that I care about. Which means that I can't blog from work. It also means that if I'm having a shite day and I want to say how much "I hate my job" (and we all have days like that) I can't take the risk and post it here. What if my employer finds or has found this site and checks back regularly? What if one of my friends (or someone who wishes me harm) has book marked this site?

So how much personal information do I put up? And if I can't put up everything I would like to, how valid is this? I believe that wkenshow.com has arrived at the same impasse and has subsequently ended his weblog. I don't want to come to the same conclusion.

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