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Tuesday 11 February 2003


I've not been part of the big anti-microsoft thing. I tend to think that they've only got as big as they are because they made something that the public wanted.
As always though, if you have any organisation that wields power you will get people within that organisation who abuse that power, whether it be for personal purposes or for the perceived good of the organisation. As such, it's always important to have people policing, criticising and questioning such organisations.
It appears someone at Microsoft, or more specifically MSN, decided it would be a good idea if they made Opera 7.0 look bad. According to a report from Opera Software, MSN.com was deliberately made to look bad when visited by Opera 7.0.
When requesting a web page, browsers send information to the server that includes the name of the browser. Reportedly, MSN.com was using this to identify Opera 7.0 and send it a different CSS and HTML files to other browsers. This CSS file deliberately distorted the page and the HTML file contained less information. The combined result was to make Opera 7.0 look flawed.
When news of this was made public via Cnet, The Register and Slashdot this "error" was fixed. However it still shows up in Opera 6.x (the version I use to check browser compatibility).
Practices like this don't help Microsoft's cause at a time when you'd think it should be trying to look whiter than white.
Found via Jon's Thoughts on Everything.

February 11, 2003 9:19 PM | Stuff of Interest

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