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Sunday 9 February 2003

Free Love

Just lately I've become a little obsessed with Courtney Love. OK, so obsessed is a little strong, I'm not stalking her around the country and sending letters penned in blood or anything (alhtough it would brighten my day up a touch); I've become interested in Courtney Love.
A publicist's dream (or nightmare depending on what you're publicising) she was arrested last Tuesday morning after becoming abusive on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Apparently she had invited some people from economy class to join her in first class and, when they were refused entry, started harassing the flight attendant. She subsequently spent over 9 hours in a police cell before receiving a warning and being released.
She was in town to perform at Kevin Spacey's fundraiser for The old Vic Theatre and, just hours after her release, put in a truly bizarre appearance. Performing a planned duet with Elton John of "The Bitch is Back", she came on stage dressed as Donald Duck and then proceeded to strip down to her knickers and belt out the finale from on top Elton's piano. It may have completely stolen the show from every other participant, including Kevin Spacey, but it generated publicity they couldn't have dreamt of.
And this is not the only bizarre public appearance she's put in of late. Last month she reportedly crashed Joe Strummer's funeral and threw herself, distraught, across his coffin (although her management has denied this report). What is undeniable is her whacked out behaviour during an organised photo shoot for Q magazine on Christmas Eve. The photographers arrived to find her having all her pubic hair waxed off. She trashed the hair and makeup that she's had done for the shoot and paraded round her hotel room naked. Then, dressed in only a pair of knickers, she ran out into the street at 3am, rolled around in the road before briefly climbing into the back of a cab.
What kind of woman does this sort of thing? Her brief resume includes running away from home aged 15 to become a stripper, trying to ensnare a number of rock stars before finally snagging Kurt Cobain and a succession of addictions to different drugs.
You'd think somebody who so obviously craves attention would be gald of any publicity, but apparently not. Ms Love is apparently extremely keen to censor, intimidate and sue those who write things she's not overly keen on.

Yesterday I found out that there's a couple of twins at James' nursery. They're called Kurt and Courtney.

February 9, 2003 3:50 PM | Entertainment

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