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Saturday 8 February 2003

Due to unforeseen circumstances

I'm not a believer in the paranormal. The thought that any of my dead relatives are "looking over me" would fill me with dread. Especially if they don't have any censors. Can you imagine your Grandad looking in on you when you're in the middle of some "marital relationships"? Ew!
My real hatred, though, is reserved for those who profit from others belief in or need to contact the dead. Mediums such as Living TV's Crossing over with John Edward really get my goat. 6th sense with Colin Fry is even worse. Take a look at the bloke; I wouldn't buy a used car of him let alone believe him if he said he was channelling the spirit of someone I loved.
James Randi used to be a well respected stage magician and escape artist. He now devotes his time and, not inconsiderable fortune, to investigating and disproving claims of the psychic and paranormal. He has set up The James Randi Educational Foundation which offers a $1 million prize to the first person to demonstrate psychic or paranormal abilities under the foundations scientific conditions.
To date no-one has passed even the preliminary tests and most of the famous so-called psychics and "spoon benders" refuse to even acknowledge the challenge. Ask yourself this question; If you had real paranormal abilities, would you turn down the chance to prove it to the world and earn yourself $1 million at the same time?

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