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Saturday 8 February 2003

Slightly sick searches

Haven't done this for a while. It never ceases to amaze me just what search phrases will bring people to this site.
japanese woman nude sushi - What? There's some really obvious jokes about the smell of sushi, but I'll refrain from those for the moment.
how to get rid of an accent - Search result 119! Who keeps looking for that long?
flash animation forum nude - Would that be nude animation or nude animators? Because it really does make a difference to just how weird I think you are.
masturbating with goldfish - This has to be the sickest search query I've ever had. And worryingly, I was the top result. Who on earth thinks that they're going to find the answer to this question on the web.
jessica rabbit boob - Now, if I had the answer to that question, do you think I'd be hanging out here? Well, yes actually. I'm not that sad.
aardvark curse - Not really sick but..... what? Aardvark curse? How bizarre!
short jokes used for recovering addicts - That's beyond bizarre. "Curing junkies through humour". Very strange.
phillipa forrester married - Noooo! Say its not so. I'm heartbroken. (very Brit geek reference).
daniel beddingfield nude - Whoever ended up here looking for that is one very sick puppy. The man is a very talented musician, but he's not exactly play-girl material.
pet names honey darling babe - What, you can't think of any yourself? That's a very sad state of affairs.

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NATALIE said on December 7, 2003 12:12 AM:

WHAT IS WRONG WITH WANTING TO SEE DANIEL BEDDINGFIELD NAKED,IT WOULD REALY MAKE MY DAY COS I THINK HE IS STUNNING. Also i would like to say that he was robbed fo the record of the year award,he should have had it.I LOVE YOU DANIEL.X X X X

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