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Monday 3 February 2003

More Links

A few more links I meant to post last week.

Google Dance - An informative and brief guide to the madness that happens once a month when Google shakes up its database. If you have a site that relies on Google search results for its traffic then this will be of use to you.
The Nude Bloggies - It seems like every so often the weblog community goes mad about awards. Maybe the thinking goes; the more awards there are, the more likely I am to win one. Well, this one seems to be just as valid as any other, with the added advantage of gratuitous nudity.
BBC Map of Iraq - I have some strong views on the situation with Iraq but I don't feel that this is the place to share them. There are plenty of political weblogs, most of whom have a much better, more interesting way of making their points. This map however may help you to understand the situation a little better.
Unmasking Bush - Whatever your politics, you gotta see the humour in this one.
Morons in web space - A good guide to some of the really annoying things that web authors do. I'm probably guilty of at least some of these but I try not to be.
Kylie's pants - A really informative article in The Sun about Kylie's launch of her underwear range. Also contains piccies of Kylie in lingerie. Bargain!
Pravda "Aliens on the Moon" - It's in the paper. It must be true. I thought Pravda used to be the National Newspaper for the USSR. Has it now descended to the depths of The Sunday Sport (Brit reference).

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