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Wednesday 29 January 2003

Digital Distractions

You know the score. I have a tendency to while away some of my time by trawling around this place for items of interest. My interests are somewhat eclectic and so not ot everyone's tastes. But here goes:
An armoured narrowboat - I don't know if narrow boats are peculiar to the UK or not. The UK used to have quite an extensive canal network which was populated by narrowboats up to 70 feet in length. It was never used to deploy military craft due to the obvious limitations but the risks of living on the canal in some of the inner city waterways has led this one owner to fortify his boat.
Monowheels - Clever engineering or utter stupidity? Still, the V8 version looks like it'd be fun.
Gizmodo - A must for gadget addicts like me; the gadget blog! A regularly updated guide to everything you absolutely must have.
Rent my chest - For $20 he'll write your slogan on his chest and post the picture on his site. Genius!

January 29, 2003 9:53 PM | Surfing for distraction

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