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Saturday 18 January 2003

Stuff wot I found on the internet thingy

My list of bookmarks for sites that I intend to blog about is getting a touch long. I haven't had the time to make a decent blog post for a short while and now is no exception (it's 12:30am already). So I'm just gonna throw them up here with out much explanation and you can take a look for yourself.
Dear Penis - A funny as hell flash animation and song. NOT work safe!
Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think! - A weblog tracking news related to supermodels and other women who trade on their looks. Complete with a large number of excellent photos.
One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately - I was gonna do a whole post about this link. There are a few myths about music that need to be trashed and this goes someway to doing that. I think, however, that the list should be read with tongue in cheek and is perhaps a topic for debate rather than a bible.
Put the CD Out of Its Misery - Again, another subject I could do a whole post on. This article details the current war being waged over the future music formats. Who'll win; the restrictive formats backed by the immense money and power of the record companies or the fledgling, maverick IT based formats growing out of music sharing, a desire for quality and the ever increasing capability of computing technology.
Top nude scenes, 2002 - Does exactly what it says on the tin. A chart run down on the top 20 nude scenes from films in 2002. And I've not seen a single one of them. Probably just a bloke thing. NOT work safe.
It hurts! - A collection of some truly appalling background images for use in website design. For when you absolutely, positively have to make you visitors eyes bleed.
Dave Gorman - Not much of a link really. The site itself is pretty poor, a lesson in how not to make a site look slick and professional. His comedy however is excellent and Sharon and I have booked tickets to go see him on Thur 30 Jan at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton.
Topless Volley Ball - A distracting little flash game. Play beach volley ball with an exploding ball. Complete 5 levels (I haven't managed it) and you'll get a password to play topless.

January 18, 2003 1:27 AM | Surfing for distraction



i need the password plz said on December 22, 2003 12:05 AM:

please,i need the passqord of the top-less volley game.if you got it,please send it to me


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