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Wednesday 25 December 2002

A favour from The Scum

In digging up "dirt" for their Exclusive, The Scum obviously visited my business website and made reference to it in their piece of shite article. I quote:

Until recently he was a business partner of [ME], who runs a mobile disco called Aardvark, based in Staffordshire. Mr Taylor boasts of providing entertainment for nightclubs, weddings and balls for armed forces officers.
On its website, Aardvark says it specialises in throwing parties for the RAF and the Army.
And it says of Blackmore: "He has over 13 years of mobile disco experience at all levels, specialising in party music of all eras.
"He is a partner in a successful Luton nightclub and entertains a wide variety of crowds."

Could almost be an advert for the entertainment agency couldn't it? Shame they didn't print the website address.
It has however caused me to question what I post on The Net. Thankfully I haven't linked to this site from either my business website or my personal website. I dread to think what they could have found from in here that they could have twisted to make the situation sound worse. For the moment I will continue as I have done, but there may come a time when I feel I have to remove anything from this blog that could identify me, my family or my friends. If that time comes I may have to delete my archives and start again from new.

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