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Wednesday 25 December 2002

Scum in The Sun

A very good friend of mine is gay. No big deal. I don't see why that should be a problem to anyone.
My gay friend is an RAF officer. Until very recently it remained an offence for a member of the RAF to be gay. Hence my friend had to hide this fact from everyone. It wasn't until about 4 years ago that he came out to anyone at all and that someone was me (which I found pleasing that he could trust me to that extent). However, it wasn't until the ban on homosexuals in the Armed Forces was lifted 2 years ago that he could finally "come out" to the world in general.
As you can imagine, the sudden and extreme change in lifestyle had its effect on him. He went, virtually over-night from having to be in full and close control of every aspect of his life and behaviour to being able to live life as he felt he should. He could finally stop analysing every waking moment to see if it would betray him.
My gay RAF officer friend suffered from what the doctors called "Acute Adjustment Disorder"; a series of symptoms arising from this sudden extreme change in lifestyle. His motivation at work nose-dived. He felt a sudden resentment toward the RAF for the way he had had to live in order to keep his job. He developed a serious sleep disorder. He also found other things than his RAF career that were more important to him. He found he could live the gay lifestyle. He found gay friends. He carved out a life as a gay man.
Unfortunately this had a detrimental affect on his working life and, after battling with serious stress related problems for over 2 years, he was signed off on long-term sick leave with a view to early retirement on health grounds.
Our national scum rag The Sun was tipped off to the story by an anonymous source and ran a 1 & 1/2 page story on Monday.
Despite their best efforts to make Nicks actions sound despicable, atrocious and deviant, the whole article comes across as a "nothing" story. Full of factual inaccuracies and complete falsehoods (including the "E" drugs reference), this story epitomises trashy tabloid "reporting". Please read it and let me know your opinions.

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