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Wednesday 4 December 2002

Bandwagon Jumping

Daypop, having been "off air" for another week or so, is back. Part of my regular reads, Daypop's Top 40 lists the most popular links from Blogs and News Sites. As such, by definition they've already been included in a reasonable number of blogs over the last couple of days. What the hey......... I'm still gonna list my favourites.
Lego Death - Its becoming a fine internet tradition. Find a subject, preferably amusing or bizarre, and build lego models, preferably amusing ones.
Technorati - Find out quickly how many sites link to yours, where your site ranks on Google for search terms and its surrounding "Cosmos".
Spiders weave huge natural wonder. - Ever looked at the blanket of spiders web filling the haunted houses in clichéd horror films and thought "Spiders don't do that!". In this U.S. field they did, covering the entire field in a thin web blanket. Be sure to click on the Picture Gallery link to get the full impression.
How big is Sunnydale? - We need more academics who are prepared to spend time on questions like "How big would Sunnydale have to be to support the vampires Buffy kills?".

December 4, 2002 9:55 PM | Surfing for distraction

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