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Sunday 10 November 2002

Harry Potter and the Chamber

Went to see this last night. It was kind of a late celebration of our 1st wedding anniversary which was on 3 November. My Mum had offered to babysit the kids for the evening if we wanted to go out. Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing on within driving distance at theatres or music venues. I guess they're all gearing up for the Xmas season. So we just took a drive out to a local multi, multi-plex (this one has around 10 bars, a similar number of restaurants and something like 30 screens) to see what was on. I fancied seeing signs which is still hanging around. However when we got there we found they were showing a "sneak preview" of Harry Potter 2
I don't want to say too much about the film for fear of spoiling it if you haven't seen it but it is excellent, even better than HP1. Even at around 2 hours 40 minutes, the film was engrossing and well paced. I even reached the end of the film without having eaten all of my popcorn, not a common occurrence. The special effects were superb without ever threatening to overshadow the live action or plot. Only twice was I reminded that this is, essentially, a kids' film. The plot and humour are intelligent enough to work for adults as well as the target audience.
At one point I was sucked into the film enough to jump out of my seat (literally) when Harry was attacked.
Of course, I'm fully expecting all of this to be easily surpassed by this years next must-see; The Two Towers.

November 10, 2002 10:12 PM | Entertainment

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