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Sunday 27 October 2002

Mad as a....

In my time as a DJ, and especially when I was going "clubbing", I have known a few people who have done drugs. Nothing as addictive as Heroin, Smack or Crack but still some pretty heavy stuff. I've seen Es, Cocaine, Acid, LSD, Ketamine and even tried a little grass.
All of the people I've known have been casual, recreational users and none have suffered any really bad side effects other than the odd "bad trip". For a while I even held some fairly liberal views on the decriminalisation of Ecstasy and Cannabis.
When I checked my referrer logs today I had a visitor who had surfed over from H13.com. As with most of my referrers, I took a quick look to see who's linking me. At first glance it appeared H13.com was a fairly typical evangelical Christian weblog, full of stories about how the author/authors found God and the difference He has made to their lives.
I'm not sure why, but whilst there I checked out the Story section. The author of H13.com spent nearly 6 years suffering from a quite acute psycosis brought about, primarily, by extensive Cannabis and LSD use. The story of his descent in to madness, the hallucinations he suffered and the struggle to remain sane makes for compelling reading.

October 27, 2002 4:09 PM | Surfing for distraction

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