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Tuesday 15 October 2002

I've got a royal flush!

I was just leaving a comment to a post over at Burnt Toast and I was reminded of the halcyon days of youth when you'd do anything for a glimpse of naked breast, real or photographed.
My first every computer was a ZX Spectrum and doing the round on the playground at school were pirated copies of Sam Fox's Strip Poker. I spent hours, and I mean lots of hours, trying to perfect my poker playing abilities to try to get to "the good stuff". "The good stuff" turned out to be a series of monochrome, heavily pixelated, probably scanned photographs of page 3 models in increasing states of undress culminating in a topless shot the pornographic quality of which was probably surpassed by The Sun's page 3 picture every morning. Still we thought it had been worth every minute.
A quest for nostalgia led me to this ZX Spectrum Emulator and a copy of Sam Fox's Strip Poker. 10 minutes of the neutered version of Poker that this game was, the poor computer opponent and the very poor processing speeds was enough to point out that some memories are best left unvisited.

October 15, 2002 8:13 PM | Entertainment

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