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Sunday 13 October 2002

They're giving it away!

They're giving it away! But you should pay for it anyway. I've just donated a fairly small sum to enetation.co.uk to upgrade to the pro version of their excellent commenting system. This should give faster access times for the comments, email notification when comments are made and the ability to export individual comments to make a back up copy.
This is the first time I have ever voluntarily donated to something that is, ostensibly, a free service. I did so for 2 reasons. Obviously for the enhanced features but also because enetation.co.uk is basically one guy who has coded the system in his spare time and pays for the server space and bandwidth it uses.
Enetation.co.uk is an excellent example of what has been good about the internet over the last 5 to 6 years, but which is slowly disappearing. People were creating and providing free service (which often cost them at least a small amount to provide) for no other reason than the desire to see if they could do so and the thanks that they receive in return. Unfortunately this philanthropic side to the internet is slowly but surely being killed off. Internet users have come to expect something for nothing and so no longer give the due respect to the providers of these free services, often getting aggressive and/or abusive when something doesn't perform flawlessly. But above all, greed and capitalism are slowly turning the "information super-highway" into one huge, interactive television commercial. If it ain't profitable, it ain't gonna last.
So please, if you use a "free" service that has no adverts and is obviously run by one or two passionate geeks; Consider making a donation.
I'll get off my soapbox now.

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