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Saturday 12 October 2002

Thursday Saturday Search

A recurring theme with a title stolen from PromoGuy. Here are the top 5 strangest (and/or sickest) in ascending order............
5) Goldfish sex - Pssst! Wanna rent a video? Just give me 5 minutes with my camera and the kids goldfish tank...................
4) baby in sex media player loading - I sincerely hope that this was not the search I think it was. Otherwise I'm just off to get my gun. Anyone fancy forming a lynch mob?
3) Pictures of goldfish sandwiches - Why? Why on earth would.......... Just why? And I ranked number 2 in the search results.
2) Wife as your security blanket - I'm just trying to picture the chain of events that led to someone typing that search into the Yahoo query box. I fail every time. I'm impressed at the dedication of someone who was still checking out links by result number 55 though.
1) How to get a blow job from your sister in law - Some people's belief that the internet can help them overcome all obstacles is just bizarre.

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