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Monday 30 September 2002

Wanna see my tool?

This is the first post I've made using ::w.bloggar::. Its a third party offline blog editing tool that can post to blogger and blogspot blogs (and many other types of blog too). I don't know if I'm overly keen on it but that could just be because I'm not used to it.
The text editing area for posts is much larger than on the blogger.com built in editor and has HTML editing functionality. HTML tags and URL are colourised for easier viewing and editing. Posts can be saved for later publishing which is something that was missing from blogger online editor.
You can preview posts in the "preview pane". Initially the style rules are very simplified (balck and white text with blue underlined links) but can be editied to more closely reflect your web page.
::w.bloggar:: will also (I think) ping to Weblogs.com when you publish, adding your blog to the list of recently updated.
Futher functions are reported to be available when ::w.blogger:: v.3 is released including a spell check.

September 30, 2002 12:49 PM | Weblogging

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