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Tuesday 17 September 2002

Just Links.

Just Links. A collection of links I've been holding onto for a couple of days.
Createbands.com Create your own band (duh!). This is the kind of thing Flash was made for.
Groove Blender 2. Whilst you're making your own music, try out Groove Blender 2. There's an online demo for a quick fix, or you can download the full version for free. Create simple (or not so simple) loops using provided samples to build up a complete track.
Hampshire Crop Circles. I personally believe that Crop Circles are the work of pranksters or people with an agenda (a tourism boost perhaps?). They are not alien and they are certainly not supernatural. However, faked or not, you've gotta appreciate the artistry achieved with this one last year.
Manga Strip Poker In French. How bizarre, but a good game of poker too. It helps if you can speak French, but I managed to work it out regardless of my complete lack of knowledge of the French language.
Movie Trailer Jerry Seinfeld's making a movie? Can't say I'm a big fan of his but this trailer made me giggle. Could take a while to download if you're on dial-up. (Get cable already!).

September 17, 2002 10:56 PM | Surfing for distraction

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