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Tuesday 10 September 2002

Monday Mission 2.36

Via PromoGuy dot net. I know its late but I've had other things on my mind lately.
1. Where were you and what was happening in your life the moment when you first became aware of what was happening at the World Trade Center in New York City last September 11th? What was the first thing you did when you heard the news? I was sat at my house waiting for a lift to the airport where I was flying to Germany on a business trip. My first reaction was disbelief followed by a feeling of foreboding about the future of World politics.
2. When those truly responsible for the attack are apprehended, what do you think would be the most fitting form of justice? Justice should be done according to civilised, international law. True justice would be to show these perpetrators that we believe in the system and codes we purport to live to and that no action they take, no matter how extreme, can shake us from our understanding of justice and law.
3. This will probably be much like when our parents respond to "Where were you when JFK was shot?"- an event never forgotten by those who were there. But how do you think the history books should present the 9-11 attacks? Should it be included for all future generations? How can we truly convey the shock, the outrage, the emotions and pain of that day to the children of our children? We should record the facts that we know, the reactions we saw and the emotions we felt. Future generations will interpret them according to the beliefs and systems of their time. That's the way it has always been and we could not change it if we tried.
4. No one in that building, in the Pentagon, or on the planes (other than the terrorists) knew that 9-11 would be their last day to be alive. For me, it brought home the reality that I could be gone at anytime, without any warning. Now, I really want each day to have some value. Did the events of 9-11 bring about a change in the way you live your life? Nope. It made me a little more aware of the greater world around me and some of the tensions in it. But I changed nothing about the way I live my life.
5. Several who loved to fly in planes will not step foot in one anymore. Many parents are more protective of their children. A year later, do you find yourself feeling more secure than back then? Or is it just a matter of time before something else happens? I feel slightly less secure than previously because I feel that many world leaders have not learned the lessons that arose from 9-11 so that there will be more to come.
6. The best way for me to honor the those impacted by the attack will be to refrain from any media that day. No papers, no radio and especially no television. Others will light candles, and others will attend special services. What, if anything, will you do to personally reflect on the tragedy? I will live my life. I know how I feel about what happened. I have reflected upon it many times over the last 12 months. Out of respect I will join in the silence to mark the anniversary.
7. One of the visuals that touched me the most were the walls and walls full of hand made "Missing" posters. What image will you always have in your mind when you recall the events of 9-11? Watching the second plane hit the towers live on TV.
BONUS: Who's gonna come around when you break? My wife. With the glue.

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