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Monday 9 September 2002

No! I don't want a bigger weapon!

When I created this weblog, I also created an email address exclusively for the correspondence it may (or may not) have generated. Since then I've put the email address on this page, but it should be protected by a little JavaScript, and used it when registering the site for a few blog related tools. So why am I suddenly receiving huge amounts of spam? Here's an example of the subject lines I've received:

WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE!! (I already do thanks. I get up, I mope around, I look after the kid. Can't get much more "my pace" than that.)

Incredible Health Discovery, lose weight fast vmg (Why vmg? I'm only 10 1/2 stone vmg. Now sod off vmg!)

Lonely but Married people are waiting to meet someone (Well tell them to piss off down the pub where the rest of us go to meet people)

love spell (Really? You're not just selling some crap fake pheromones? Oh... you are. Bugger!)

aardvarkblog ! Get the Mortgage You Want (The mortgage I want involves repayments of 0 over a period of 25 years. Somehow I doubt you're going to do that.)

Look and Feel Young Again! Special Offer! rxrtq (Jesus! I'm only 30 for Pete's sake! And don't call me rxrtq! You make me sound like some kind of Aztec god.)

Married but lonely people are waiting to be rescued! (Don't have much luck do they these married people. First they're lonely and now they need rescuing. Hold up, just let me get my armour and noble steed.)

Dinner's On Us! (You should be more careful with your plates then shouldn't you.)

September 9, 2002 3:06 PM | Random Humour

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