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Wednesday 28 August 2002

100 things

100 things.

  1. I married my first ever serious girlfriend.

  2. We'd had a break from first dating to getting back together of nearly 13 years.

  3. During that time I had been married and widowed.

  4. I have 5 body piercings.

  5. Only 2 are "normally" visible.

  6. Those 2 have both almost healed up.

  7. I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.

  8. When out clubbing I like Hard House or Hard Trance music.

  9. My Grandpa solved Fermat's Last Theorem on a paper napkin.

  10. He never published his solution.

  11. Without his input to the design, the Lancaster Bomber would never have flown.

  12. I once grew my hair down to my waist.

  13. I cut it because I started going thin on top

  14. I have over 300 vinyl single and albums.

  15. None of my Hi-Fi units have a turntable.

  16. My HTML is self-taught from just 2 books.

  17. I hand code all of my HTML and CSS using Notepad or "HTML-Kit".

  18. A friend I taught HTML to has since made over £500 setting up websites using Frontpage.

  19. He still regularly asks me for advice on layout and coding.

  20. My ideal woman would look like Kelly Brook.

  21. My wife looks nothing like Kelly Brook.

  22. My wife is the most beautiful person in the world.

  23. Go figure!

  24. I used to be a Scout.

  25. Before that I was a Cub Scout and after I was a Venture Scout.

  26. Whilst at Ventures, I achieved the Queen Scouts Award, the highest accolade in scouting.
  27. I met 5 of my first 6 girlfriends through Scouting, either directly or indirectly.

  28. Including Sharon, who is now my wife.

  29. About 50% of my current circle of friends, I met through Scouting.

  30. I'm not in touch with anyone I knew from school.

  31. I have committed at least one arrestable offence with a prison sentence exceeding 6 months.

  32. It did not cause harm or heartache to anyone other than me.

  33. I have been driving for 13 years.

  34. I have owned 13 cars.

  35. Yes, this is a co-incidence.

  36. My favourite food is Haggis.

  37. My favourite dessert is Banoffee Pie, but only if it is made by my Mum.

  38. I'm known by my middle name, not by my first name.

  39. My Dad is also known by his middle name.

  40. My first name is the same as my Dads middle name.

  41. Both my sons are known by their first names.

  42. My memory is appalling. Short-term and long-term.

  43. I have very few memories of my childhood despite having a reasonably happy one.

  44. I have 7 email addresses which are in regular use.

  45. I have another 10 or so email addresses which I didn't want but was required to sign up for. They are therefore not used.

  46. I'm an Aquarius.

  47. I don't believe in astrology.

  48. I don't believe in the supernatural.

  49. I believe that mediums are tricksters and fraudsters.

  50. I'm not religious.

  51. Although sometimes I wish I were.

  52. I do believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

  53. I do not believe that "aliens are among us".

  54. At school I learnt to play the cello.

  55. I later learnt to play the trumpet.

  56. I only did it to get out of lessons.

  57. I now can't read a note of music.

  58. I get headaches at lunchtime if I haven't had 2 cups of coffee. I now have a sensitivity to caffeine. If I drink more than 2 cups of tea I can't concentrate on anything.

  59. I am terrible in the morning.

  60. I can drive for an hour in the morning and still not be properly awake.

  61. I used to know how to firebreath.

  62. I managed to avoid hurting myself whilst learning.

  63. I have had one threesome in my life.

  64. It was not the type that most men fantasise about.

  65. But was not unpleasant.

  66. My first marriage lasted 3 1/2 weeks.

  67. She died from a brain tumour.

  68. We knew she had the tumour before we married.

  69. Although we didn't know it would kill her so soon.

  70. I have suffered from depression since then but medication doesn't seem to help.

  71. I have decided to live with it and try to find happiness in what I've got.

  72. Its not always easy.

  73. I have hated all of my jobs. (Update: Except my current job).

  74. I really, really hated my last job by the time I was made redundant.

  75. I'm left-handed.

  76. My mum reckons I'm really right-handed and pretended to be left handed at school just to be awkward.

  77. I do not entirely disbelieve her.

  78. When I was 18 I wanted vampire teeth.

  79. This year I bought some.

  80. Now I want Cats Eye Contacts (Update: Was bought some for Xmas. Couldn't wear them. :-(

  81. I hate the taste of fish.

  82. I hate the smell of fish.

  83. Although I like tuna and mayonnaise sandwiches.

  84. I am not a vegetarian.

  85. I ate almost exclusively vegetarian meals during weekdays when my sister lived with me for nearly 3 years.

  86. I will order the vegetarian option at a restaurant if it looks more appetising.

  87. I have suffered from 3 addictions.

  88. I have 8 GCSE's at grade C and above.

  89. I have never been a patient at a hospital.

  90. I have been inside approximately 15 hospitals with loved ones.

  91. One of my best friends came out to me after we had known each other for 9 years.

  92. This caused me to go through a mental re-consideration of my sexuality.

  93. I am straight but believe that everyone should be entitled to be sexually and emotionally attracted to either sex.

  94. I do not believe myself to be artistic or creative.

  95. I don't like the monopoly that Microsoft has over software.

  96. But I use Microsoft products.

  97. My favourite swear word is "Bollocks" closely followed by "Arseburgers".

  98. I suffer from occasional insomnia.

  99. I believe that everything will be OK.

  100. This list took over 3 weeks to compile.

August 28, 2002 1:18 AM | Me


I HATE to be so disagreeable, but...

If you think you aren't creative, you obviously haven't been reading your own writing. Funny stuff!

'nother blog explosion visitor...

Thank you.

I'm my own worst audience. I can rarely see any artistic merit in anything I write, draw or create.

I can however tell when something is good logically / commercially and am frequently proud of what I do at work.

Iím keeping a political satire blog up for consumption, the Washington beltsider (www.thewashingtonbeltsider.wordpress.com) , for throwing brick bats at the political and punditocratic establishments, via two alter-egos, Terri Firma (intrepid and idealistic, like an Amy Goodman) and Tom Toburn (phlegmatic, arrogant, obtuse, but a little endearing like Charles Krauthammer by way of Steven Colbert). If you like, give it a look, and if you like it and want to exchange links on blog rolls, Iím game. Just e-mail me back your link.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Dreskin


Bernard Bossomj said on October 18, 2006 2:37 AM:

Dear Mark Dreskin,

"The Identity Thieves" seems to have two lives. Drop a line.

Bernard Bossom

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