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Tuesday 27 August 2002

Fish are our friends!

Today we took the kids to The National Sealife Centre in Birmingham (the city in the UK furthest from any coastline). Chloe loved it and I spent a good amount of time with her reading about and watching the fish. Unfortunately James was more interested in running around with his cousins than in checking out the fish. Oh well. You can't force them to be interested I suppose.
Today we had to have Chloe's 6 year old goldfish from her Nanny's. The poor thing had been stuck in an empty plastic tank for the last 6 years so we went out yesterday and bought a cheap glass aquarium with some fake plants, gravel and proper water treatment. Today we moved the fish in, following all the instructions, and he seems as happy as Larry. He must think he's died and gone to heaven. Unfortunately James now wants his own fish too. So we may be out tomorrow to buy a friend for... for...... (I've just realised, I don't even know the name of Chloe's fish).

August 27, 2002 10:23 PM | Family

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