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Wednesday 21 August 2002

In my minds blog............... For

For every blog entry that I get around to typing out and "publishing" there are probably 4 or 5 that I have thought out in their entirety whilst away from my PC. Unfortunately I have the memory of a retarded goldfish*.
In the twisted, distorted view of my recollection, it appears that the entries I forget (but don't forget about) are all far more eloquent, intelligent and witty than the dross that I do finally get around to pushing on you. Commentaries on news articles, links to fascinating sites, information on subjects that captured my imagination as I went through the day and witty narrative on the events of my life. All lost in the time between my mental composition and my half and hour in the evening when I usually get to sit in front of the PC.
Ain't life cruel?

*I tried to find a link that had some kind of proof that goldfish only have a 3 second memory. All I found was site after site that referred to the fact that goldfish aren't the best animals to be running your appointment calendar for you. I wonder if this is just one of those urban myth pseudo-facts.

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