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Saturday 17 August 2002


For the last fortnight the UK has been gripped by the story of 2 missing 10 year old girls. First let me state that I feel the same way about this story as almost every other person in the country. I am horrified that this could happen. I fear for the safety of my own 10 year old daughter. My heart goes out to their families but most of all to them. I cling to the hope that they are alive.
However, I feel the reporting by the UK media has been a little over the top and verged on obsessive at times. Half hourly updates, newsflashes during advertisement breaks, interviews with anyone even remotely connected with the family or area. Whilst I have been sat at my PC this afternoon I have had a 24 hours news channel on. Over the last half hour they have shown the same report 5 times.
With this sort of saturation reporting, is it any wonder that we all feel the world is going to hell on a handbag?
This was exactly the sort of media feeding frenzy that Chris Morris was parodying with the hugely controversial Paedophilia Brass Eye episode.

August 17, 2002 2:54 PM | Stuff of Interest

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