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Tuesday 23 July 2002

The tip of the Iceberg.

Tipping is obviously a huge thing over in the States. I've come across 2 different points of view on this subject this week. First of all there's the point of view of the waiter or waitress, for whom the tip represents a significant proportion of their income. Hootress is (as the name suggests) a Hooters waitress who gives a gentle reminder on tipping etiquette. On the other hand, PromoGuy feels tipping should be reserved for good service and is aggrieved that not tipping "will probably send the message that I am an a$$hole".
I have to say that, being a Brit, I can fully understand where both of them are coming from. The ideal solution would be for restaurants to pay the serving staff a reasonable wage in the first place and tipping to be customary as a reward for good service. That way everybody wins. The waiting staff can earn more by serving better, the restaurant gets better motivated staff and the customer knows in advance how much they are paying and can choose to reward staff if they feel it appropriate.
Of course, the chances of the restaurants actually paying staff decent rates is fairly minimal until such time as a significant proportion of customers make it clear that that is what they want.

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