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Sunday 21 July 2002

Well, Blog me!

Despite being busy, over the weekend I chilled out by keeping up with the blogs I read and watching what was happening here. In my tracker I found a visit from Pixels in Time who has linked me as one of the blogs she is "checking out". Cool. She has some excellent photos on her site too. I often wish I could take decent photos as appose to just snapshots but one of the things I have come to accept about myself is that I just do not have the artistic streak that gives you the eye for aesthetics.
A man after my own mind. I came across this post by PromoGuy who apparently suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and it struck a chord. My brain has always been like this with several thoughts going on at the same time and so much stuff just sloshing around in there that I sometime have trouble picking one thought out from the rest. But I always thought it was just normal, maybe I have a similar problem. Luckily I've never had the conversation he had with his partner. Mine has always known what I'm like and accepts me as I am.

July 21, 2002 11:10 PM | Weblogging

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