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Sunday 21 July 2002

Wow! How busy was that weekend?

Well I think I've had about 5 minutes to myself since Friday morning.
Its like having teeth pulled. On Friday Sharon & I went to the dentist. Sharon's afraid of the dentist so that was a bit of a trauma. As usual my teeth were fine (at least one part of me functions as its supposed to) but Sharon needs a shed load of work doing that she has been putting off for over a year. At least if she gets it done within a few months of having Connor we don't have to pay for it. We took James with us because I don't want him to develop his Mum's fear of the dentist.
So that's why its called a waiting room. On Friday afternoon I took Chloe to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham. She has had stiffness and pains in her knees, hips and fingers for about a year (its taken that long to get to see a specialist) and the doctors were worried that she may have arthritis. Sharon's Mum came with us as I had to leave at 5 to go to do a disco and we were worried there may be a delay. And true to form, the hospital kept us waiting for 2 hours before we were seen. I had to dash off and leave them there in the middle of the consultation. Anyway, it turns out that Chloe has flat feet which is causing the pain in her knees and hips. She is also double jointed in her fingers and because she keeps bending them about she is causing the pain. If she stops they should get better but she may have troubles in later life. It a huge relief to find out that she has 2 minor problems rather than arthritis.
Check out the altruism! Friday night's disco was for a couple who were doing a fund raiser for Cancer Research so I did it for no charge. I did, however make the most of the publicity opportunity. That's why I was up until 1am on Thursday building the screen at the front of the disco that has the name, website and phone number. The main part of the evening was an auction of a number of items with the profit going to charity. One woman paid 360 for an Audi TT for a weekend and the biggest bid was for a top of the range Landrover for a week. The second lot was for a Manchester United football signed by the team that won the European Cup. It was going to go for just 180 and I thought it had to be worth more than that. So I put in a bid for 190. I'm thinking that I may get a local radio station to auction it off and give the money to the charity in return for some promotion on station for aardvark.dj. However, despite the fact that I can't stand football, I am now the owner of a signed Man Utd football. Any Manchester United fans out there want to make me an offer for it?
Fortress Aardvark Saturday afternoon was spent replacing and improving the security on the garage after it was trashed by the maggots that stole my motorbike. I was going to install an alarm as well but the suppliers was shut. Hopefully I'll get to do that tomorrow (Monday).
Entertaining the boys. I had to drop Sharon at her Mum's before I went to do Saturday nights disco because it was an Officer's Mess summer ball at RAF Stafford and I was going to be out all night. Having been set up by 7.30pm I had absolutely nothing to do until 11.45. Yawn! 4 hours with absolutely nothing to do. I spent sometime practicing mixing with my new CD decks but otherwise just kinda mooched around and watched all the RAF officer get completely drunk. In the end I didn't get home until 6am and slept almost all of the way through the Formula 1 Grand Prix. I'm going to catch the highlights tonight though because it looks like I missed a good one.
See, I told you!

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