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Thursday 18 July 2002

To De(lete) or not to De(lete); that is the question.

For those of you who keep blogs, do you cringe when you look back over entries posted when you were feeling a little down? Do you read through them and think "I sound like such a whining drama queen?" because I know I do.
For a brief moment I toyed with the idea of deleting the entry but I felt that would be cheating somehow. This blog/journal is, I guess, a record of my thoughts and that was my thoughts at that time. However, having got over my maudlin introspective depression, I look back with a feeling of mild horror at the writings from last night. Oh Well.
Keeping the best china for guests. When I was a youngster my parents had two sets of dinner plates bowls and mugs. One was for general use and the other was kept for when we had guests. I never really understood this concept, why not just have one set that was reasonably good. Did my parents really think our guests (usually long standing family friends) thought any more of us because we had expensive plates?
On the same vein, Sharon's closest friend came up from London today to spend 3 or 4 hours. Despite her condition, which was really bad over night, she was up at 10am tidying the house from top to bottom. I felt somewhat guilty because I'd been tidying of and on since 9ish but was also looking after James. But I was also annoyed with her for risking exerting herself for no real reason. Sharon's friend knows our current situation and I don't think she would have felt any less of us if the floor wasn't polished and the side wasn't dusted. So we had a bit of a falling out.
More time than money. Again with the surfing for stuff to occupy that part of my brain that might otherwise mope. This week I have been mostly visiting.....

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