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Wednesday 17 July 2002

And then someone says hi.

God I hate myself when I wallow in self pity. After making the post I caught up on the blogs I read and my guestbook. Isn't it amazing how just a few kind messages can give you the kick up the ass you need to shake your mood. Hootress left me a message on my guestbook and Jax left me a good luck message on her blog which I'd missed on Sunday. Cheers guys.
I might have to lose the Bloghop thing though. With a 2/1/12 good/average/bad rating its not telling me anything that I want to hear particularly. It wont stop me blogging (I'm not feeling that sensitive) but I see no reason to remind myself that some people find my ramblings uninteresting.
Good Day / Bad Day My interview Monday at the University went well. And the day was further improved when the Recruitment consultant phoned to say he'd arranged another interview with a Car Manufacturer for Tuesday. Tuesday started off badly when I heard that I'd not got the University job. Apparently it was a really close thing, but the other candidate had more relevant experience. It was salvaged partly when the interview with the Car Manufacturer went well. Fingers crossed hey?
Enetation commenting. I think my commenting system may be slowing the page loading down quite considerably. I hope this does not continue to be the case, especially as Hootress installed it on her blog on my recommendation. I'd appreciate anybody's opinion on whether the page is loading slowly. especially if you read any other Blog*spot blogs that don't seem to be as slow.

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