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Saturday 13 July 2002


If you've been reading for a while you may be aware that I DJ as a hobby/earner. Tonight I was DJing at a wedding. It was kind of average fair, not particularly enjoyable from my point of view. But my evening was made up when no less than 10 people came up and thanked me for a superb evening at the end of the night.
Unfortunately I've had to drive over to my parents' house to leave the trailer containing my kit because the lowlifes who broke into my garage yesterday destroyed all the security. So it is now 3.30am and I've just got home (yes I know the time on the post says differently but I "reserved" a Saturday post earlier). I hope I don't have to get up too early in the morning.
"Guests" at discos. What is it with people attending discos that makes them think they can do better than the DJ? A selection of comments from tonight:

Someday I'll do a full list of all the regular comments like those that really annoy DJs so you can try them out next time you go to a friends wedding.

July 13, 2002 5:24 PM | Disco & Agency

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