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Friday 12 July 2002

Anyone else wanna take a pop?

Some spiteful, uncaring, poisonous little toads stole my motorbike at lunchtime today. Whilst we were in the house they wrenched open the garage door and in broad daylight threw my bike into the back of their red van. They say bad luck comes in threes, at the moment it feels like I've had my share. And half of the rest of the UK's too.
At first I was raging angry. It is obviously a targeted pre-meditated crime which means that some hateful, freeloading tosser set out this morning knowing he was going to rip me off but not caring what effect it might have on me. However, as the futility of it all settled on my shoulders, anger became depression. What is the point of struggling to pull yourself through the quagmire that is life, to lift yourself out of the sucking mud of oblivion when, every time you achieve something and your life seems to be turning around, someone can knock you back down with a casual act of planned, hateful depredation. These people are obviously the same who broke onto the garage 4 weeks ago causing us to upgrade the security. I feel like someone out there has a vendetta against me and I don't even know what they look like. This person is the lowest, bottom feeding type of scum.
There were 2 separate witnesses that saw a red, Ford Transit van pull up to my garage but thought nothing of it. The van had a side opening door and had previously had the lettering "DEF Fencing" or "DES Fencing" down the side. Whilst I was still fired up this afternoon, I tried to trace this company with no success.
Right now I'm fighting that horrible creeping despair that makes you want to just hide away and let live carry on around you without any kind of interaction.
Minor Irritation. Looks like the Tag board on the right is effed up (ooh hark at me! I swear like a trooper in real life. I wonder what the driving force behind my civility on the Net is. Perhaps its because I don't know you.). I would try to repair or replace it but there seems little point as I'm working on a new layout.

July 12, 2002 9:27 PM | Me

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