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Wednesday 10 July 2002

Dear Diary...

Its been one of those days were everything has turned into a drama. First off a routine visit to see Sharon's consultant to update on how she's coping took 3 1/2 hours. The original clinic had been cancelled without us being informed so we had to trek the extra 20 miles to Burton. The nurses there tried to admit her to the maternity ward when we explained the symptoms until we put our foot (feet?) down and explained we only wanted the consulting clinic that had been arranged for us. Still we had to wait 2 hours until the consultant was free. To be fair it wasn't her fault and she was extremely apologetic. She seemed very impressed with the way Sharon is coping with the tightenings (can't call them contractions because she's not actually in labour).
The afternoon and evening carried on in the same vain, although I have managed to get a fair amount done around the house. I'm starting to feel like a real house-husband. Thank god I'll be able to escape when Sharon's better and I get a job though!!
Then to cap it off, after spending 1/2 hour typing this out, my blogger window effs up and I lose it all. Bugger!
Will give VAT advice for food! On the prospective job front, my second interview at the University is on Monday. But just to put a negative tinge on it, I've been told about a job that I would want much more, for a car manufacturer. Unfortunately its probably going to take them a good month to get their arses into gear. My CV has gone in though.

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