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Tuesday 9 July 2002

What time is it?

The total removal of all familiar structure to my days and weeks together with the stress of coping with what's going on recently has left me feeling a little disorientated. I can't place my days and I'm finding it difficult to keep track of time. Of course it doesn't help that my watch has broken either.
Could they get it any more wrong? Apparently The Sun has an article in today about traffic calming measures in the city of London. The city has deliberately set the biases on traffic lights to increase traffic congestion and force people out of their cars. The person responsible for this should be shot as they have clearly not thought it through.
There are 2 reasons for wanting to reduce the amount of traffic in London; 1) reduced congestion and 2) reduced pollution. This measure clearly will not achieve either of these ends, indeed it increases both of these problems. The flow of traffic into the city will remain on a supply and demand type of effect. More congestion will result in fewer cars, but those cars will be running for longer. As soon as congestion eased, the number of cars will increase.
The only solution to this problem is to increase and improve public transport and encourage companies out of the city centre.
Too much time. Been at it again.

Fathers Day Present. The Fathers Day present Sharon ordered for me weeks ago on behalf of the kids arrived today. A SiPix Stylecam Blink digital camera that is about 3/4 the size of a credit card! Wicked. I guess I'll be posting some pictures soon.

July 9, 2002 11:45 PM | Me

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