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Sunday 7 July 2002

My eyes hurt

Just this evening when I'm looking at stuff my eyes hurt. But if I close them then they stop hurting. I don't think there's anything specifically wrong (its not long since they were last tested) but probably symptomatic of my general malaise at the moment. I know that I've been under a considerable amount of stress for the last few months and continue to be so, but we all like to think ourselves above that. At the moment it is leaving me feeling permanently tired and lethargic.
Not that I'm unhappy. I still consider myself extremely lucky. I have a wife and 2 children whom I love and who regularly prove to me that they love me. At the moment we are still not badly off for money (although that will only last a couple of months unless something comes up job wise).
Rediscovered Pleasure. I was DJing at a wedding last night. None of the people who usually come along and help out were around so I ended up doing it on my own which I wasn't looking forward to. But it turned out to be one of those events that reminds me why I started DJing in the first place. A good natured crowd who danced from the first record I played right through to the last and genuinely seemed to appreciate the work I was doing.
The British Underdog. What is it about us Brits that makes us root for the only guy unlikely to actually succeed? I'm not a big tennis fan but Friday and yesterday in the Wimbledon men's semi-final I was rooting for X. Malisse in his match against Nalbandian. Given the way Nalbandian folded in the 3rd and 4th sets I didn't think he deserved a place in the final. However, today, in the final I was rooting for Nalbandian (playing his first ever tournemant on grass and, therefore, his first Wimbledon) against Hewitt who is ranked number 1 in the world.
Fake Film. I was surprised today to see a trailer for what looked like an interesting film that I'd never heard of, but thought nothing of it. The film "Lucky Star" stars Benicio Del Toro and has a website but apparently doesn't really exist. The trailer is in fact an advert for the Mercedes-Benz SL55. Just when you think advertisers couldn't come up with a new way to catch your attention, they go and prove you wrong.

July 7, 2002 11:50 PM | Me

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