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Friday 5 July 2002

Good News

What an excellent day so far! Sharon is home again and feeling much more comfortable for it. She has been told to do just minimal amounts of activity, to eat small amounts frequently and to drink lots. Hopefully if she can manage this she won't have to go back in until the baby is due on the 24th.
Plus.... when we got home I had a phone call from the recruitment consultants who got me the interview on Wednesday to say that they want me back for a second interview. Apparently its me and one other person in contention.
Bad News. 'Doomed' Arrows facing extinction. "The Arrows Formula One team are fighting to resolve a financial crisis that has brought them to the brink of collapse." A good friend of mine used to work for the Arrows team. F1 can ill afford to lose another team this year following the collapse of Minardi at the start of the year. I think the sport is walking a tightrope and this could prove to be the critical season. Ferrari's domination is not doing the sport any good and more than counters the increased competative action behind them on the track. Coupled with questions about the way the sport and teams are financed it's possible that the sport could be at the start of a slippery slope.
Ugly News. I used to read the Daily Mirror regularly, despite its politics being slightly more left wing than mine. However over the last few days it really has sickened me. Yesterdays OTT anti-American headline was bad and now they have a go at Tim Henman because he is apparently not putting enough passion into his "air punches" after winning points. Jesus H Christ! Is this really front page news? Give the guy a break will you? It makes the paper look nasty, negative and desperate for publicity.

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