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Thursday 4 July 2002

America - Rogue State? The

America - Rogue State? The Daily Mirror today launched a scathing attack on the US for its actions in Afghanistan and on Tony Blair for the UK governments complicity. WHAT A LOAD OF BO**OCKS!! I will agree that some of the foreign policy decisions made by George W Bush are questionable but what, in all honesty, does the Mirror expect the U.S. and the UK to do when faced with the threat that Al Qaeda and its sponsors, The Taliban, posed?
The article concentrates on the number of civilians reported to be killed or injured by American or Coalition fire during the was against the terrorists. What it neatly skips over is the difficulty of identifying genuine "innocent victims". The Taliban and the innocent Afghans form part of the same community, wear the same clothing and often live in the same buildings. I do not condone the killing of anyone who is not directly involved in actions against the west, but war and defence cannot be carried out clinically. If we shy away from so called "collateral damage" then you invite the enemy to take human shields like Sadam did.
There are some genuine points for concern in the article, such as the level of influence that oil concerns may have on the battle strategy. Unfortunately they are lost behind the vitriolic and publicity seeking headline.

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