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Thursday 4 July 2002

Will somebody press <PLAY>?

Ever get that feeling that your life is on <PAUSE>? You go about the daily activities but you don't seem to be any further along. Sharon is still in hospital on a drip due to her dehydration and lack of nutrition. It feels like we will be stuck here until the baby is delivered on the 24th. With a bit of luck, if she is sufficiently re-hydrated she will be able to come home tomorrow.
We had a visit from the consultant registrar this morning, the doctor who fills in when the patients Consultant isn't around. He diagnosed Sharon as having a sickness bug and said that as soon as we cured that everything would be fine. I'm afraid I lost my rag a little. He clearly was not aware of Sharon's case history and even I could tell she wasn't suffering from a bug. I put my foot down and demanded that Sharon's consultant, who is aware of her full history, came to see her. This afternoon she came and had a good in-depth chat with Sharon and me about her symptoms and about the reasons why she did not wish to bring the Cesarean section any further forward. The practical result was the same as diagnosis of the registrar but for completely different reasons and we understood why it was being done. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and demand the attention you deserve.

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