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Wednesday 3 July 2002

Just one damn thing after

Just one damn thing after another! Sharon's back in hospital this evening. She has not been able to eat anything bigger than a single slice of toast without throwing it back up since Tuesday last week; over 7 days. I was worried about her and spoke to the midwife. She recommended I took her back to the hospital for tests. They in turn stuck her with needles, hooked her up to a drip and told us they were keeping her in over night.
Sharon really didn't want to have to stay overnight because she is far more comfortable at home and therefore more able to cope with the constant pain and discomfort caused by the frequent contractions that she is having. In her current over tired and vulnerable state this news reduced her to tears and it has really upset me leaving her there.
For a man who "doesn't do emotions" this last week has been a roller-coaster.
Hope for the future. I think my job interview went well this morning. I felt the business in my new suit and shoes, had some confidence from the research I had put in and was awake and alert from the can of Red Bull I necked immediately before the interview. I was caught out at one point when the VAT adviser they had brought in asked me about some VAT cases in the news but I was honest and said I hadn't been able to do technical work due to the time and resource constraints at my last job.
Just passin' time. Before Sharon went in and after I got home, I've had lots of time to kill. So I've been "blog hopping"; clicking on the random Blogsnob link in the right-hand column to see where it takes me, then clicking on the random link that site should have. The following is a list of sites I reached or interesting sites they linked to.

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