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Monday 1 July 2002

Affordable Time Travel. I found

Affordable Time Travel. I found the The Time Travel Fund today. You know, its such an audacious and ingenious idea that I was almost tempted to give it a go. the basic premise is this: If you invest a small amount now (they ask for $10), in 500 years time it will be worth $$$$$BILLIONS$$$$$! On the assumption that time travel has been invented by this point, it would be enough to pay for them to travel back in time to collect you to take you to the future. It kept me amused this afternoon.
Voyeurism. There's something distinctly seedy about spying on other peoples search phrases. Especially when they are searching for things like three dead trolls in a bag
, lolita joy and elvis costello lyrics.
Darwin Awards. I've just received my Darwin Awards newsletter. It has kept me entertained for months. If you've never been over to the site, it's well worth a look.

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