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Monday 1 July 2002

News. With the kids in

News. With the kids in bed and Sharon fast asleep, I've had time to catch up on what's happening in the world.
Aussies follow in the footsteps of Willow (Buffy reference). Is it just me or does there seem to be a growing discontentment with the traditional organised religions? Even more so over the last couple of years.
Big Brother ratings improve again. Why? This year they seem to have made a complete hash of the contestant selection. I don't empathise with any of them and couldn't care one iota what they get up to. They're all a little too childish and obvious wannabes. Sandy was the only one I liked and they gave the housemates so little to do he left out of sheer boredom. Even the website is getting more hits than last year despite the fact that they are charging for the live video this year. Just goes to show that the world is full of mugs.
Hero schoolgirl 'took overdose after years of bullying'. This is just sad. Do parents these days instil so little respect in their children that the selfless act of this young girl became a subject for ridicule? I watch the children around our town these days and they seem to have no respect for anything. I don't live in a rough area but the phone box on the corner of our street has its windows smashed at least once a week, and I understand that the police know who is doing it but can't take any action. Sometimes you just have to despair.

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