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Monday 1 July 2002

Is it Monday? My first

Is it Monday? My first week day out of a job. Given how much I hated my last employment, I find it strange how depressing it has been today. It's not even like we're going to be desperate for cash until half way through August. I was up at 8am with James but even after my normal coffee I just haven't been able to wake up all day. I feel lethargic and de-motivated. If I let myself stop, I don't get started again. A half hour watching television rapidly becomes 3 hours slobbed out on the sofa. As I am now responsible for running the house I can't let this happen.
3 1/2 weeks. Sharon seems happier today although she has her moments of upset. I think she is slowly getting used to the concept of 4 weeks of total bed rest and the fact that she has a choice - either she suffers the pain of labour for 4 weeks or she takes the pain killers which leave her dizzy, confused, disorientated and unable to concentrate. She has settled for the latter and I think, in accepting it, is now dealing with it better. She repeatedly apologises to me for not being able to do anything and tells me she's worried that I'm doing too much. However, I'm sure that I'm not doing anything that any single mother does every day of her life. I have a renewed respect for all housewives/husbands and "home-makers".

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