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Monday 24 June 2002

A good afternoon

I had the afternoon off work to do the outplacement consultancy thing again. We spent 2 hours talking about job interviews because I have 2 coming up. I always thought I was pretty well prepared and that I didn't need to do too much else. Maybe not.

Also, we may have to bring the date of Sharon's caesarean forward by a week because the scars from her previous c-sections are tender. We're also worried about the damage that can happen to the baby if the scars rupture during an early natural birth.

I'm not one to jump on other blogger's band wagons. It feels like if I use someone else's What XXXX are you? it kinda detracts from their original post. However, I've had soooo much fun with this simple Google game that I had to post it. I first read about it on leatheregg.com. So here goes with "Aardvarks are..." (edited to remove crap).

Still either 4 or 5 weeks until Connor is born but we've already bought him his first dummies (or pacifiers as the Americans call them). From billybobteeth.biz in the states I've ordered these:

How cool are they?

Another blog. Finally, I've been following the blog of someone else who's expecting a baby soon over at "confessions of a hootress".

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