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Tuesday 18 June 2002

WTF? Blog?

I've had a few visitors to my blog from the clubbing communities I post to. And they've all gone "WTF? Whats a blog?". For those of you who are unsure, the BBC website has a good article on the phenomenon and there's a blogger's dictionary.

I was feeling quite down by the end of work today, but as soon as I'm in the car coming home my mood lifts. Opening the door and hearing the cry "Daaaaddddyyyyeee!!!!" as James comes barreling through living room toward me has a way of wiping away the concerns of the day.

Although the 90 minute struggle to get him to go to sleep brings on a stress of its own. But I wouldn't be without it.

Chloe's doing a project on the Vikings. Its endeering how she assumes that I will have all the information she needs, or will be able to get it. Thank god for the internet. With its help, she still thinks her Daddy's a genius.

Want some silliness? This guy is a freak!!! Honestly, the stuff some people will put on the web.

June 18, 2002 10:12 PM | Weblogging

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