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Tuesday 8 April 2003


Everything looked fine at home. Not a problem.
Here at work, where I'm running NT and IE 5.5 on a max resolution of 800 x 600 it all falls apart. Specifically, on the main page the Calendar on the right is oversized pushing the right-hand column over the main content. I don't understand why.

April 8, 2003 8:35 AM | Site


First things first: Congrats on getting Movable Type set up! Gives me a great spur to achieve the same this week!

As an ordinary blogger (I hold no other claims) I've quickly looked at your site using both Microsoft IE 6.0.28 and Netscape 7.0

I tested (quickly) under both browsers using: 800x640; 1024x768; 1152x864; and 1280x1024 on my 17 inch monitor running Windows XP.

I see what you're saying about 800x640 but it's ONLY on my Microsoft IE 6.0.28: the boxes remain where they should under Netscape 7.0

Another minor point worth knowing, I noticed under Netscape 7.0 the 'Search' button is slightly pushed upwards onto the white type in box on the 'Search This Site' section; this is the same on ALL screen definitions under Netscape 7.0 from 800x640 through to 1280x1024. As you can see it's fine under Microsoft IE 6.0.28

That said, IE has over 90% of the browser market with Netscape some 5%.

These are minor points soon resolvable I'm sure. Overall I'm impressed. Perhaps the brown colouring is a bit garrie though given the arseburgers name... Colours are preferences, of course.

I'll keep checking for you!

Thank you for your comments.

I've installed Opera and Netscape on my machine to try to chekc the layout.

It seems to work fine now with the exception of the search button.

Yes you're right everything works under Netscape 7.0 except the Search button. And that's a minor point, perhaps.

Anyway, another bright and sunny day ahead...

Clear and bright..... but bloody cold!

The search button thing is definately a minor point given the numbers of people visiting the site using Netscape.

You're right, of course. Netscape isn't what it was in numbers years back. On FreshnJuicy I only get 4% thru Netscape browsers and none under Opera.

I'm definitely interested in the step by step guide to what you did along the way installing Movable Type. If you can post it up or perhaps even email it. Lovely jubbly!

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