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Monday 14 April 2003

From Blogger to MT Pt. 1

I promised a couple of people I'd describe how to make the move to MT. I was hoping to sit down and write it out as one "How to...." guide. Unfortunately it looks unlikely that I'll get the chance. So, I'll do it step by step. Most of this information is available in MT's own Installation Instructions. I'm simply writing it in a way that I would have found easier to follow as I went through it.

Step 1: Find an appropriate host.
You'll need a host that allows cgi scripts and databases. The MT site has a good email that you can send to your host. Whilst you're at it, ask them for the "path to Perl" on the server. Don't worry if you don't understand this, you don't need to. It should look something like #!/usr/bin/perl.
If your host tells you that the server runs MySQL, ask them to set up a database and provide you with the name, username and password.
You will now need to find yourself an FTP client. Make sure it has the facility to amend access permissions for files on the server.
You will also need WinZip, or another facility that decompresses .tar.gz files.
Step 2: Download & Decompress
From the MT Download Page select the Full Version and download it to a directory on your hard drive.
If you open the file using WinZip you should be able extract the contents in their original directory structure. DO NOT "drag & drop" as all the will be extracted to one directory.
Now you're ready to make the configuration changes.

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So far so good. Though it's from Step 3 onwards things are looking distinctly awry.

Thanks, this should prove mondo useful this week when I make the dreaded switch.

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