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Tuesday 15 April 2003

From Blogger to MT pt 2

To keep it nice and simple, I'm breaking all of the configuration activities into separate steps.

Step 3: Configuring the CGI scripts.

The CGI is easy. Remember that "path to Perl" you asked your host for? The one that looked something like "#!/usr/bin/perl"?
If the path is actually "#!/usr/bin/perl" then you don't need to do anything.
If it's not then, using a text editor (Windows own Notepad or Wordpad are fine), open all of the files with the .cgi extension except mt-db-pass.cgi. These are all in the "main" directory of the files you extracted. There are 10 in total. The first line of each file contains "#!/usr/bin/perl". Replace this with the proper path your host gave you. Do not alter the text immediately before or after it.

Step 4: Deciding where to install MT

The best place to install MT on your server is in the CGI-BIN. This will either be off the root or off the HTML directory (where your "index.html" homepage file lives). Either way the address for a browser is likely to be http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/.
If for some reason you cannot install to the cgi-bin (try creating a sub-directory in it as a test), do not worry. Create a directory off the HTML directory called "/mt/".

Step 5: Configuring mt.cfg

Open mt.cfg in Notepad. Find the line "CGIPath: http://......" Change that to either "http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/" or "http://www.yoursite.com/mt/" depending upon your decision above.
If you are using MySQL add these lines after the CGIPath:
ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database database_name
DBUser database_user
database_name and database_user are the info you were given by your host when they set up the database.
If you are installing MT to your cgi-bin also add the line:
StaticWebPath /mt-static/

Save and exit mt.cfg

Step 6: Edit mt-db-pass.cgi (for MySQL databases)

Using Notepad, open mt-db-pass.cgi. Replace the contents with the password for the database given to you by your host. Save and exit mt-db-pass.cgi.

Tomorrow's step is uploading the files to your server.

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Hey man, what's all this track back stuff? I'm slow to the scene, dig it?

What you're saying is definitely clearer than the MT manual. Looking forward to Part 3. Great stuff!

theaardvark said on April 17, 2003 8:49 AM:

I have very little knowledge of trackback. As you can see, whilst it is activated on this blog, it has not been used.

I understand that when someone links from a trackback blog to one of your entries, your blog is automatically informed and links to the linking entry together with an extract.

I guess first you have to write something other people will want to talk about though.....

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