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Thursday 17 April 2003

From Blogger to MT Pt 3

Part 3 is short, but time consuming. Basically you're going to upload all the files to the host server. I'm assuming here that you have some knowledge of using an FTP program to upload files to a server.

Step 7: Uploading files

If you are installing MT to your cgi-bin:
Upload all of the files (except styles.css and the contents of the images and docs directories) to the cgi-bin.
I found the easiest way to do this was to upload the contents of a directory before creating the sub-directories, then create the first sub-directory and upload the contents of that etc.....
It is important to have exactly the same directory structure for the uploaded files as you find in the extracted files you downloaded from MT. Some directories go several layers deep, so make sure you've got them all and directory names are case sensitive.
Not all of these files are actually required but I found it easier and quicker just to upload the lot.
All of these files should be uploaded with your FTP program in ASCII mode. Some FTP programs have an "auto" mode, which may be good enough, but it’s better to select ASCII mode.
Once you've uploaded all of these files, create a directory called /mt-static/ off your main HTML directory and upload styles.css and the images and docs directories. The contents of the images directory should be uploaded in Binary mode.

If you are not installing MT to your cgi-bin:
Did you create a directory off your HTML directory called /mt/ ? Good. Upload everything there, remembering to use the same directory structure as the downloaded files and using the correct FTP modes as I've described above.

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Excellent. This definitely corrects errors I've been making.

Fingers crossed. I'm spending all day today applying Parts 1, 2 & 3 of your MT installation guide.

I've looking so forward to the dawning of my new blogging era: Movable Type.

I'll certainly post a comment to say how I got on.

Hey, by the way, Aaardvark have a happy Easter!

what r u talking about?

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